Replacement roller for Brayer?

I have a Poco 0 Proof press and I am trying to assemble the stuff I need to print with it… I have an 8” heavy duty brayer that I got with the press but the roller is shot… are there replacement rollers available for the heavy duty aluminum brayers or should I just spend the $75 and get a new one? TIA!

image: DSC_1071a (2).JPG

DSC_1071a (2).JPG

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I’ve had Advanced Roller recover them for me, they do good work. You can just send them the old brayer assembled.

The rollers are so good in fact, that in the past, I’ve sent them the new $75 brayer from American Printing Equipment and had the pink rubber roller on them replaced with their solid blue roller. The new ones I ordered from APE had wood cores and minor pitting in the pink rubber they were covered with. The wood cores made them roll unevenly. The ones I got back from Advanced Roller were more solid and had better finish.



Give them a call…