Copper Plate Vendors

Can anyone recommend a few copper plate vendors. I like the boxcar base system but I would like to explore coper plates then mounted on wood to lock up in my press.

Anyone know of a few good vendors that are affordable and great to work with? Thanks in Advance!

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Owosso Graphic Arts in Michigan (listed on Briar Press) makes copper photoengravings mounted on wood. I think many other photoengravers who still make magnesium plates can also make copper ones, though there are fewer and fewer photoengravers working any more.


Metal Magic in Phoenix is ace. Excellent copper dies that can hold a very fine line, helpful and extremely reliable.

But their website is impossible to read. The page about copper dies is medium dark grey small type on a medium gray background, with pale green headlines. Fugeddaboutit!

Bob is another place to try.

Hello ae,

I’ve used Owosso with good results. Then I met a local engraver at the Los Angeles Printers Fair and thought I’d give them a try. They’re A&G Engraving, and I’ve been very pleased with their work, too. Their website is


I haven’t worked with them yet, but A&A Dies in Georgia sent me a very nice sample folder.

Looks like a solid operation. Their website is

So if I don’t go copper or polymer (base etc) what’s everyone suggesting using they like best…

Hi~ OWOSSO here :) Please feel free to peruse our website or give us a call at 800-444-5552. We’d be happy to help you out with all of your die needs.