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I just recently bought a press from a fellow here on Briar Press and I came to realize that I am missing a part which I think is pretty crucial. After cross-referencing the parts list and my actual press, the missing piece is the “disk lever pawl”; the part that makes the ink disk click into place after the rollers come down and makes that “tinkling” sound. Does anyone know how and where I can find one?
Anything would be greatly appreciated.

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I would try: Dave Churchman in Indy, Don Black in Canada and DeFelice Engineering in Indiana.

Tom from T&T press restoration was super helpful. One of the bolts on my pilot broke and he got a new one made for me and walked me through everything!

If you can’t locate a replacement I can have one made for you.

T and T Press Restoration

I had the same issue when I got my pilot. Tom from T and T came through, and the part works perfectly, and looks great too.

Tom T&T Press, where are you located at?

We are located in Minnesota, Hugo, to be exact.
Just north of St Paul.
Contact us at:
[email protected]

Tom & Terri
T & T Press Resotration

I just picked-up a rusty Oldstyle Pilot press as a “parts press”. It has a few broken parts and some others are missing. It DOES have the disk lever pawl mechanism!

Do you still need this? Is your Pilot and oldstyle or newstyle? I am “assuming” that the part may be interchangable between the two styles??????

I have an OS Pilot in working order, so finding this hulk was a no-brainer to pick up for spare parts, especially for anyone else needing the parts.

As a side note, I prefer the Oldstyle to the Newstyle simply for aesthetic reasons. The OS has much more grace and style to it.


The ink disc advance mechanism from the O.S. Pilot will fit and function on the N.S. and vise versa assuming no modification have occured over the years. The part I recently made had to be altered because the shoulder bolt of the original dimensions could not be sourced and the original bolt could not be found. Please save all of the hardware from O.S. Pilot… should you decise to part it out. If you don’t want to fool with it let me know. I will fetch and hang on to every piece until all are satisfied or all of the parts are used.


If you decide to part it out—We’re in need if a a pair of roller arms to complete the restoration on the OS Pilot at our community press. We’re also needing cores and trucks.
Kansas City Center for the Ink & Paper Arts


The press does not have cores or trucks. Also the right roller arm is also broken. I have decided to have Tom at T&T Restoration get this press when he comes through central Iowa soon. He is in a much better position to dismantle it and provide the necessary salvageable parts to those that need them. This just seems like a much better way to disseminate it.