Franck Gohier , proprietor 

Red Hand Prints

Red Hand Prints was established in Darwin, Australia, in 1996 by Franck Gohier & Shaun Poustie as an open access Printmaking studio that offered free, expert printmaking tuition to the Darwin community, and a professional Fine Art editioning program to numerous Aboriginal communities throughout the Kimberley’s, the Tiwi Islands, Arnhem Land and Central Australia.
Red Hand now owned by Franck Gohier & Chayni Henry operates an Adana 8 X 5 Letterpress, a motorised Adana T/P 48 Letterpress, a Morfitt’s Empress 8 X 12 Letterpress circa 1890, an MES 23HD Etching Press, a Victorian Cast Iron Book Binder’s Press and a Vacuum Screen Printing Table.

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