What is my Adana?

I am in the process of restoring my Adana press and would like to know if anyone can help with identifying what model and approx age it would be. The only marks on it are ‘ADANA’ and ‘LONDON” on the side. The overall dimension of the chase is a bit under 6.5 inches wide by a bit under 4 inches deep (outside dimensions). I found it sitting in a shed…it did operate but had much surface rust. So far it is cleaning up well. I hope to have it operational real soon. Any info on it would be welcome.

image: adana.jpg


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A no 2 Hs has an internal measurement of 5 3/4 x 3 1/4 that is the inside of the chase not the outside ,you measure the inside in all machines as that is your maximum print area . You can get a bit extra into it by locking up in the bed but you are then pushing the machine to the limit and this is if you are printing properly . If you are doing the crash style of print you will be risking the death of the press as the platen on these are made of a diecast alloy we call monkey metal ,it is weak it cannot be repaired once bent or cracked/broken .
Just as a little note i have never understood why they used an alloy to make the platen when they did such a good job with the cast iron base !

Thanks for that. The chase is, in fact, the measurements you posted. A No. 2HS it is. Thanks for that.

I would say just No. 2 commonly called a 64 in America. Looks very similar to a HS model, but it is the run before it 1930’s to mid 40’s. I would say it was late in the run by the color. Something that ID it. The wings that bolt it down and this press is heavy cast iron not the aluminum pot metal of the HS. At least that is my non professional guess. This is a HS 2

image: ls2.jpg


Look on the the side, ink disc to the left, handle to the right.
in the moulding bottom right you should see No2 H/S which is the iron version or No 2 H.S. which is the alloy version

The alloy parts can be cleaned in lemon juice, don’t leave them soaking too long though, you a grey frothy mess.

I think there is a period in production of these when there were no model no in the casting , I am trying to remember where i came across it but i am sure its after ww2 in the years of austerity , there are 1950s versions look like that and have a slightly different shape I am no expert of these things . There are two here both no2 hs one has the the H/S and the spine of the cast iron body at the back of the machine is a smooth continuous arc , the other has just got HS and no forward slash in the model mark but the spine at the rear has a strange protrusion with a rounded bobble sticking out of it which would imply a different period of manufacture as everything else appears identical except the disk on the one with a forward slash is cast iron and the one without is monkey metal (your pot metal ) !
On another point the one posted just above looks different to either of those i have here so there are obviously many variants ! the original first pic on the posting has two lugs to bolt it down and those i have here have four (one in each corner .)

So this style is all HS [Hi/Speed] I would think. No.2 H/S being about 4x6 chase, No.1 H/S about 3x5 chase and any idea of name of this little one chase is 1.5 x 3 inch. cast iron no marking other then Adana on side

image: ls2 001.jpg

ls2 001.jpg