Which Adana model?

Hi everyone

A new member here who is embarking into the big wide world of Letterpress!

I’ve got an Adana press but I’m not quite sure of the model and was hoping for some help from the experts.

The press is a small one and the chase measures 3.3 x 1.8 inches - I’ve been having a look online but can’t seem to find the exact model. I will be able to upload a photo later on if that’s necessary.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I dont think they actually gave this one a number like the next one up is a hs 2 maybe known as a adana number one , one thing i do know you wont be able to do deep impression on it they are totally built of monkey metal (pot Metal) and will break . May be good for printing postage stamps! I have a smashed one here, minus the chase you can set directly in the bed and just about lock up a business card .

Peter - Thanks for the info.

You have the real small one. marketed as a toy around the 1930-1940 if it is cast iron. A hard to come by size. I would say HS toy then HS1 is 3x5 and HS2 is 4x6 here is the line up see how the base changed to pot metal on the 1+2 in the later 1940s and 50s

image: hs 005.jpg

hs 005.jpg

It will be a a High Speed 1, they make a nice table decoration but a bit limited for printing. You will find the manual written for the H/S 1 and the No 2 on this site. It was basically for printing visiting cards, price cards, funeral cards and small headed stationery.

The rollers quite often don’t go to the bottom on their own so the trick is to let go of the handle so that it pings back.

The chase you lock up with screws, there is no room for using quoins. For a bit more room you can lock up in the bearer chase but you have to unscrew it and set it again, very fiddly.

It was sold as a serious printing machine and for a short a while a treadle facility was marketed.

People are using them, I’ve seen some of the work on a couple of sites.

Hi toddspresstime & platenprinter - thanks for your responses.

I had wondered if it was the HS1 but then felt that the chase was too small given the information I could find online.

I’ve attached a couple of photos now to see if that helps at all…..

Thanks again for all of the help…it’s really appreciated!

image: adana_2.jpg


image: adana_1.jpg