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Hello everyone,
I was wondering if I could get some help. I am going to buy a boxcar bases and as we know they are $$. I am after information on the base I should get. I have a adana 8”x 5” and wanting a good impression. So should I get a deep relief or standard. I also use poly plates.
If I could please have your wisdom that would be much appreciated and save me heaps of paper.

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It would not matter which plate (standard or deep relief) you use to get a good impression, you would need the deep relief because of your press choice.

I suppose the Boxcar might seem like an expensive base to a hobbyist but it, and others similar, such as those by Elum and the recent UK bases, are actually the least expensive bases on the market.


Caslon in UK , supplier of Adana’s , also do bases, give them a ring and ask for Roy, very friendly guy with much advice.

Hi Rachel,

I believe the naming of the kinds of boxcar bases may be confusing. The “deep relief base” has nothing to do with getting deep impression prints.

If you have a platen press or lever operated press, including Adana and Pilot, then you should use the boxcar Deep Relief Base paired with their KF152 polymer plates. The “deep relief” term means that the base is slightly thinner and the plate slightly thicker, so that the rollers do not hit the base just as it begins to ink the plate.

Perhaps boxcar should re-name their base to “low profile base” or something like that, to avoid customer confusion.

I have a normal base for use on my Pilot. The deep relief base is supposed to make things easier, but if you’re careful about setting the roller height you can use the regular base on a platen press.

Rachel the best thing to do is to call Boxcar and talk with them, they will help you figure out which base is best your your application!

Boxcar Press

Thanks for all your help. I will check out all my options. THANKS AGAIN :)