Who do I contact with regard a reciprocal link?


I spent some time looking for how to contact Briar Press, but could see no means of doing so.

I run website devoted to bookbinding and related crafts including letter press.

I would like to have our site listed in the bookbinding section Briar Press.

How do I go about contacting the right people?

Thank you

Richard Norman Eden Workshops

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In the black bar on the bottom left of the screen it says, “contact” click on that.


Go to the Yellow Pages….scroll down to where it says “submit your free listing” submit your info, and briar will accept or deny once it is viewed by them.

T & T Press Restoration

PS “the right people” have been on hiatus for a little while. See the green hashmarked bar at the top of the page?

That will probably explain the lack of prompt reply. Don’t give up, get patient :)

I’d love to know about your site. I’m a bookbinder/repairer in addition to printing.