Maximum typesize for 5x3 Adana

Hello all,

I have recently purchased this Adana 5x3 bundle, I believe it is in need of a clean as it has been in storage for a few years… first of all, how do i clean the metal?

Also, I am looking at buying type for it now and was wondering if there is a maximum size that I should avoid? Also is wood or metal better for this press?

Thanks a bunch.

image: 19atpress.JPG


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.918” high typically but you can print with other heights , as for area that is dependant on the impression you are looking for , the heavier the impression the less area you can print , as far as general type sizes thats up to you and printing conventional style you can pretty well fill the area to 90%, if you are heavy impression then it will drop to 50% of your overall area .
Adanas were built for printing properly and being quite delicate they are pushed beyond their limit with “debossing ” as seems to be the term i have seen here , this can damage these little things beyond repair in some cases but as a starter machine to learn to mix ink and get the general idea of levelling up and packing etc its a good tool.
The type structural material wood or lead is a matter of availability and choice the choosing is your own !
Clean it with elbow grease and care ,it probably has only dirt that you can wash off with a damp clothand a bit of spirit , dried ink may require a little effort but a little harsh stripper will remove that , any other discolouration of the disc ,the only bit that really needs cleaning you can buff up with a polishing mop and paint cutting compound or if uk you may try brasso or T cut . try to not take abrasive to it unless really necessary (deep Pits or the like) .

Thanks Peter. Really helpful – I just thought that because it was a small press it could only take small type, but as you said it can take upto nearly an inch. Will be getting some Brasso, so that should do the trick – got the feeling I will probably have to get some new rollers for it, but might give it a go first before buying them right away.

Will be looking forward to getting it up and running and I will let you know how I get on… (if you are interested of course)

All the best,

I should have warned you to not put stripper on your rollers , they are probably not rubber and will melt spectacularly and very messy .

I use lemon juice on Adanas to clean the alloy and hold back the rust, CIF oven cleaner takes the dried ink off.
They were produced for small work and you find most come on the market with 8, 10 and 12 point type. You can do small wood blocks and you can deboss small items with soft packing such as a piece of vinyl floor covering.
Oil with a light oil, especially the disk spindle as it will wear .

Before I get down to answering your question, can I point out that the Press shewn in the accompanying picture although certainly an Adana is not a 5 x 3
It looks suspiciously like an HS 2. Perhaps you can confirm this by inspecting the Cast body and post an answer here. My advice would differ depending on the Press

Thanks for all your help guys. I have not received the press yet, I pick it up on 16th.


Mike I have attached a better picture of it here? HS2?

image: Picture 2.png

Picture 2.png

Hi Andrew,
This is a picture of the Adana HS No 1. The chase is very tiny and you will find anything but the smallest metal type will be difficult to set. You will however not need quoins as the chase and the type bed allows you to set type and tighten the forme using grub screws.

good Buddy, seeming trivial but after a glance at your posted picture I am sure none of these adanas were made with bed anchor bolts right through the bed ,it would seem certain that eventually you will get impression problems at those 2 points high or low spots, right were 2 or 3 letters of your beautiful 2 colour letter heading need to be?. The problem was probably caused by person or persons unknown! trying to tweek the 4 impression screws against the anchor bolts, without compensating. I have solved this problem thus, make 2 steel plates 15 to 20 ems long ish, 4/5 ems wide, 6point thick, (all laproximations) drill one hole dead centre of the plate, exact bore of the bolt, 1 more hole on either side of main hole, by the length sufficiently placed to be able to drill and tap, into the relatively thick reinforced section of the web. The 2 outer bolts are smaller than the anchor bolt, but but actual size and thread is not that important. last step re- imprison original bolt and tighten new ones. They do not have to be that tight, only hsve to hold the bed against the 4 adjuster bolts, unless person unknow etc etc. Obviously not very constructive, if the bed has already had Fred Carno s attention, so sorry anyway. Hope this helps for anybody in the future. fEEDBACK OR CRITISIAM quite welcome, and O K I was A Caster operator and a would be mechanic (maliciuos rumour) and not a querty keyboard operator. My case is proven, and now rests. MICK.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>………………..

srd operator nic (malicious rumour} keyboard , , or s ly to be able sih y ,

OK before somebody takes me to task for my 2 colour crack on a tiny machine, yes I have done it, and to double the width of the chase, admittedly it took 4 passes and a long time, but hey a got out of a serious detention at school 1953. The school only had a small Adana, with only 8, 10, and 12 point smaller type with just 18 or 24 point display in Gill Sans. So as an actual example I did school headed notepaper, in 2 colours red and black. (they only had 2 tubes) So I set the word “SEAFORD” and positioned it to print and laid it to the far left and printed in black, washed up, to red laid “COUNTY” 1 thick space in and printed. Washed up back to black, re-positioned to lay to the right 1 nut on from county set positioned and printed “SECONDARY” in black, washed up again back to red, set “SCHOOL” 1 thick space further on laid to the right. Ended up with SEAFORD COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL alternate 2 colours on a baby Adana half the size of the end result, Not perfect alignment, TRY IT impress people with much bigger machines and see if they dispute, and probably a good challenge for our new friend. Good Luck Mick >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> y