Lock up bar for Vandercook

I’m looking for a lock up bar for a Vandercook AB219, any leads would be great.

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You might be able to get something from NA Graphics. The standard issue lockup bar is very, very hard to find.


A fixed lockup bar is a cheaper and better choice than a moveable bar. The loose bars can slip and cause misregister under heavy pressure, unless carefully maintained and adjusted.
Other models just place the fixed bar against pins placed vertically in bed or horizontally into the bed bearers, but some Universals I’ve seen had ears on the bar, set into half-round notches in the bearers (as does the No. 4).

I have one of the bunny ear bars for my number four, and can speak for it as being quite useful.

Printertim, I think unless someone speaks up on here you’ll need to troll ebay for vandercook endlessly.
It’s worth a mention to Don Black as well as a post on the vanderblog as well, two more resources.

Of course, with a little ingenuity, you might just be able to make your own; all you REALLY need is a run of the mill 4” challenge quoin and a piece of aluminum (or better yet, steel) stock, straight, the same width stock as the quoin- and cut to length at a machine shop, with the ends milled square, to be JUST shorter than the width of the pressbed between the bearers, minus the thickness of the un-opened quoin of course.

Were it me, I would make the thickness of the steel such that it is the same height as whatever type of wooden furniture you keep.

This would likely be a cheaper alternative to a lockup bar, and the material itself can probably be found at a discount somewhere. DO NOT USE TUBING. Use solid stock, 6061 would be the grade of aluminum and just about any grade steel would work.