Adana 8x5 roller kinked

I just acquired an Adana 8x5 but it troubles me when I noticed that the rollers are slanted to the left. I don’t think it would cause problem on inking for the rollers could still cover the whole chase area. I just wonder is there a way to fix this, to satisfy my inner symmetry-freak.

Or is that normal? Question from a newbie.

image: photo.JPG


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Tighten all the through rods that go from one arm to the other if they are loose ,straighten any that are bent ! They are not brilliantly built but should not look quite so out of line as yours appears to be !

Hi Mr. Luckhurst! Thanks for being the first one come to my aid!

Let me check if there are any lose bolts tomorrow. Else I would have to borrow the metal working vise from a workshop round the corner…

Turn out that I have to loosen the screws at the through bars to jab them back to position. Perhaps I over tightened the screws when I set up the ink duct.