Large cuts

I acquired a set of 19 large metal cuts many years ago. The largest is 18” x 3” and most are about 7” x 2”. They were used for advertising for a dress shop that failed during the Depression.

One has a copyright date of 1928. They were in an old wooden box and it included a dried out rubber stamp indicating that the shop was;

Modern Modes
210 Navarro
San Antonio, Texas

For those of insufficient vintage to know this, there are two reasons that large metal cuts of this era are rare. The first is the obvious that the cuts were regarded as ephemera to be remelted to make new cuts.

The second is that the scrap metal drives of WW II got most of the rest of them. Dingbats survived because there wasn’t much metal and they were usually used over and over.

If interested, please Email me for pictures.

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image: SUC50233.JPG