Rational Cog Private Press

Registered29 Nov 12
ProprietorAaron McFarlane
Record keeperRational Cog
Address Saint Paul, MN USA

A small basement operation dedicated to fine letterpress printing on a late 1800’s, 8 x 12 Damon & Peets ‘Favorite’ platen press. I print both self-designed pieces and collaborative work. Past works have included postcards, envelopes, business cards, and my personal wedding invitations. I enjoy recreating utility from abandoned and discarded wood cuts.

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Hi there.. I have a Damon and Peets 8 x 12 treadle press. I am thinking we might have the same press. I’ve been trying to get it up and running and I am running into some issues with adjusting the rollers. I am wondering if you know of the area to adjust this lady!
thanks stephanie

email me at [email protected]