Adana HS1

As part of a job lot of font, trays and other bits and pieces, I have obtained an Adana HS1, which is now being stripped down.

Comparing it to pictures of other HS1s , it seems a bit different. It has no serial number or ‘Adana’ logo - in fact absolutely no writing at all, apart from an ‘L’ and and ‘R’ on the back of the platen. The platen is thinner than the normal ‘chunky’ item, and it has no paper gripper mechanism. It is pillar box red.
Is this an older version? (Or a newer one?) Is this like yours?


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As far as I am aware there were no serial numbers on the H/S1 but there were on the larger H/S2 & H.S.2.

On BriarPress you will find the manual for the No 1 press or from here

The parts diagram from the earlier manual can be found at at

The gripper was an additional extra

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There were at least two and maybe three versions of the H/S1. At the National Archives at Kew they hold two sets of photographs of the main body casting for the press and there are noticeable differences between each version. (The photos were deposited as part of Adana’s paperwork to register the design of the press).

I believe that there were two pre-war versions, and a slightly slimmed-down alloy version after WW2, so you will find a number of small differences between them.

An early version of the press was sold by Adana in self-assembly kit form and I have a copy of the instructions for putting the machine together. The self-assembly version was slightly cheaper than the factory assembled press.