No. 11 Golding Pearl Counter

Hi all,

I recently found a counter for my No. 11 Golding Pearl and was wondering if someone could tell me what this hole on the mounting bracket is for? I am guessing it has something to do with stabilizing the counter but I don’t see where it would connect to.

I’m also waiting on the trip lever to arrive and need to attach that to the press and counter. Does anyone have the measurement of the wire that connects them and/or pictures of how it’s suppose to look?

Thanks in advance,

image: counter.jpg


image: counter2.jpg


image: triplever.jpg


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Hi Matt,

My piece that holds the counter is different. I have attached a picture. My screw is in a different orientation and is used to adjust the angle of the counter. Yours may serve the same function by jamming against the ears of the press. My trip lever is also different. It has a screw stop that is adjustable also seen in picture. The rocker hits this and moves the lever pulling the wire that trips the counter. There is an outside nickel plated adjustment screw as well. I may have a combination of two systems. I obtained the parts and installed them on my press. They may have come from different presses. It doesn’t seem like you would need both an inside and an outside adjustment. The outside knob is easier to adjust the system to have it only counting when the throw off is engaged. The wire(coat hanger) is 30” long from center of screw of the counter arm to center of screw of the lever. The lever is held on by a shoulder screw/bolt. Hope this helps.


image: Pearl3.jpg


image: Pearl counter mounting bracket

Pearl counter mounting bracket

image: Pearl counter lever

Pearl counter lever


Thanks for taking the time to post those pictures. The functionality of your bracket makes sense. At first I thought the same thing about mine, but the hole is not threaded. Maybe a part is missing that hooks around the ear.

As for the trip lever, I’ve always wondered what that hole in the casting above the feed board bracket was for. I have to wait til the part comes in to see how it all fits together. It should arrive in the next few days.

I will post some pictures when I get it all set up. Thanks again.