13x18 Heidleberg Windmill & 30” Electric Cutter

I am downsizing my shop to move into a smaller space and have some letterpress equipment for sale. Both items are in great working condition and currently in use. The prices listed are what I paid for them (both purchased from dealers) and I have put several hundred dollars into both machines to further restore them, so the prices are not negotiable. Located in Wilmington, NC. You must arrange pick up, payment in cash or cashiers check only.

13x18 Heidleberg Windmill. $4000. 3-Phase. Comes with a chase and assorted accessories specific to the press. Press size is 6’7”x4’9”, 5000 lbs.

30” hydraulic Challenge electric cutter with digital read-out. $3600. 3 phase. Nice extended work table, cuts any large parent sized sheet. Footprint of 65”x79” (can be made less wide with removal of side tables.) Cuts like a champ.

Please email for more info: [email protected]

*I do not have any other letterpress items for sale

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