Unknown press with no marking


Long time reader, first time poster. I am about to purchase my first press! A C&P that needs a little bit of work, but should be up and running soon. The seller also has another press that I am thinking of buying too (presses are such a rarity in Melbourne, Australia, that you need to jump on them when you can). But she doesn’t know what it is as her husband passed away and so the history of the press was lost with him. All I know is that is was picked up from Ballarat about 35 years ago.

It has similar features to a C&P, but does anyone have any idea what this press is?


image: 195.JPG


image: 049 (2).JPG

049 (2).JPG

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It looks quite a bit like a Samson, which, according to Ralph Green in his book A History of the Platen Jobber, was manufactured by Joseph Watson in New York circa 1885-1895. Probably called a Samson because of the large arms connected to the platen.