Would anyone be interested?

I am working and successfully getting my letterpress side of shop completely set-up.
I was wondering if anyone would be interested, if I made Ludlow Lines of type and spacing material available.

You could order from the type style selections, I would have on a specific pay web site. I would have “rare” script and basic styles for text and display sizes. Spacing Material would be made available. Then you would return used lines of type in return envelope, and order your new.

Great way to avoid having a bunch of smashed type for you heavy impression lovers.

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I am amazed that there hasn’t been any discussion about this post yet. I think that the first thing that should be stated to tweek some interest is a list of the faces/sizes that you have the ability to cast. There are really a whole lot of great faces available from Ludlow. The other thing is to figure some sort of pricing formula and the third thing is to figure a cost-effective way to ship your slugs (USPS Flat Rate boxes are probably the best so you can figure how much size/weight you can ship depending on the ranges that will fit into those boxes.

I have as much type as I can use in two or more lifetimes, but this should be very attractive to those with limited resources if they can be convinced that this would not be cost prohibitive.


I agree with Rick. I would definitely be interested in the right face at the right size and price.

….. and in the right place at the right time.

Sounds like a winner.kinda no one is doing that with Linotype.

Actually Linotypesetting.com (a portion of Interrobang Press) has been around for years. Not sure the amount of traffic he has actually received though. Trade setting adds up in a hurry if you’re looking at more than a few lines, and most folks just tend to go the plate or polymer route.

Ludlow setting might have an advantage, in that people generally need less lines set. If one has a machine that is always hot, or intends to set just one day a week, it might be possible to offer a service at an affordable price point.

Dead metal costs should also be considered, with new typemetal approaching $4.00 a pound

I do trade setting, but have not pursued it strongly, but if somebody needs something, let me know