Peerless Gem Papercutter Assembly help

I’m part way though assembling my Peerless Gem.. There is an unevenness in the gridded platform cutting base——it rests high towards the back and seems to rest fine towards the front. The issue seems to be the 2 cross legs of the base——-ARE they different sizes? In other words, is there a front and a back designated? Or am I just off square somewhere….?

At the moment I haven’t ventured to swap the said cross brace legs and see for myself since I am doing this solo. So I was wondering, if anybody knew, before I took the base apart again.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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Yes—turns out the support legs had their holes drilled at different heights and this was the problem. Worth the time to take it apart and figure out :)

If ANYone has photos of an assembled Peerless papercutter—especially the blade and backstop assemblies—I would be very gratetful. Thanks!

Let me know if you need more details.


image: peerlessg.jpg


image: peerlessf.jpg


image: peerlesse.jpg


image: peerlessd.jpg


image: peerlessc.jpg


image: peerlessb.jpg


image: peerlessa.jpg


Hello Heather:

THAT is the cleanest cutter I have EVER seen! Did you restore it? Whoever did, did a fantastic job. I have Peerless envy. Looks great!

— A.D.


I got it out of a one-man shop (it had been there since 1902); it was in good shape. The worst part is getting off years of WD40 that built up into kind of a scummy layer. It’s a sweet cutter; I love it.


“Peerless envy”… very good!