Dismantling an Arab Crown Folio Press

Does anyone know how to remove the swinger arms from the swinger shaft. Each of the arms seem to be locked to the shaft with possibly tapered pins.

Thanks for any help offered.

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R.D.G.sorry dont have an Arab in front of me right now, but if that which you speak of is in fact taper pins, the first secret is ascertaining which way they come out, i.e. careful inspection followed by gently, gently, persuasion with hide or copper hammer, the minutest amount of movement and it will be gentle pull with pliers on the big end, if this fails, because the small end of the taper pin is already below the surface of the boss/shaft, it isnt rocket science to make a drift, with an ordinary electric drill, and any piece of reasonable steel, by turning the steel in the chuck and merely holding a file on the revolving steel and turning about 1/8 of an inch, down to the size of the small end of the taper, (instant hand made drift) still with copper hammer, AND safety goggles!! If plans “A” and “B” both fail, post the question on line and I will post plan “C” which utilizes either a conventional nut splitter or the driving dog from a lathe, I have used both for this very purpose, when clearance was limited or non existant, i.e. underneath the blind shaft????Good Luck

I deliberately have let this sit as i dont know the machine ,
However ,i will say this if you honestly cant work out how its put together i would get someone with more knowledge to help you before touching it .
I would happilt bet you that the pin was put in by the easiest route and therefore will be removed from the most awkward angle , machines are rarely assembled with a view to the dismantling easily !!

Do you mean the brass swinger arms?

Thanks Mick and Peter for your help. Thomas, it’s not the brass swinger arms, it’s the big fellas on the end of the swinger shaft that I wanted to remove one as the lugs which form part of the casting through which the LH roller spring spindles runs was broken at some stage and I was considering having the component machined to effect a repair. The dowel pins are flush and only visible/accessible from the one end. I could drill and tap the end of the pins and use an extractor IF they are in fact taper pins. Since I posted this I’ve spoken to someone who is familiar with Arabs and he advised me not to mess with them, advice I’m happy to abide by, though I’d love to know how they were put together. I’ve decided to try to repair the casting by using Loctite 3472 which is a pourable (mouldable) metal filled epoxy. Fingers crossed!

Best regards

Good luck, and keep us posted…

I have one of those presses and I have always assumed these arms are factory assembled and not designed to be taken apart (unless you have access to a good workshop).
Good luck if you are game enough to try.