Two letterpress proof press

I’m currently running a letterpress workshop in Lisbon, Portugal, that possess these two letterpress proof presses, one blue and one green.

Both had once an inking system but it is no working any more, They have weel that allow to adjust the pressure of the roll.

The blue one, it also have a system to hold the paper under the prees roll, that opens and closes by using the pulling handle.

The only label in one of them, is from the portuguese re-seller, that no longer exists for quite some years.

Under this label, I seriously doubt that it might hide other information, once the other one is quite similar and do not have any data. And also because usually the re-selers were proud to represent a certain label, so it would not hide it.

I’m looking for information anyone might have.
Thanks in advance

image: IMG_4534_.jpg


image: IMG_4536_.jpg


image: IMG_4542_.jpg


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I own the same model of your blue proof press, I think they are of german orgin. Mine has fortunately a working inking system.
I am tomorrow in my studio, I can make some photos of the press if you would like.
Maybe it would be possible to repair the inking system, the metal roller seems to be in place, what about the two rubber rollers below the metal one?

I would appreciate your photos if you can send some.
Unfortunately only the metal roller exists, the two rubber ones are missing.

I think it is easy to make new rubber rolls, with the same people that make rollers to the offset machines my concerns are the extremes that plug in the machine? If you could picture it in detail, maybe I can understand how to make new ones.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Hello, no problem!
They are not very complicated, with the metal rollers in good condition, especially the bigger one the rubber ones should be pretty easy to rebuild.

Hello Ruben, I got a similar press two weeks ago in good condition and will send you photos. If you have the cores for the rubber rollers, then you can get new ones made easily. There are a lot of these presses around in the Netherlands. Earlier this week another one (paper size 50 x 75 cm) was offered for free on the Drukwerk in de Marge website. Send me an e-mail and I’ll send you photos.