This is in regard to my 12 x18 Kluge press. It is from the 1940s and has an original Kluge feeder. Up until the other day the feeder and impression /throw off lever worked harmoniously then the other day 1500 impressions into a 5000 impression run, 10” x 15” open side catalog envelopes, the impression lever stopped staying on despite no apparent problems with feeding. I was compelled to finish the job as tho I were hand feeding but still using the feeder/ delivery. Some time before I was given this press something happened to the impression lever which requires it to be taped closed (see pictures) when hand feeding. This worked re this job but did demand an eagle eye to prevent printing on the tympan when an envelope didn’t feed. Any ideas as to how I may solve this problem and go back to the press doing what it was made to do? Thanks in advance, Stuart

image: lever closed.jpg

lever closed.jpg

image: lever open.jpg

lever open.jpg

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Stuart do you have operators manual?. Have you checked vacuum line to the throw off? And possibly the counter weight on throw off has moved?. Contact me directly if you need more. My kluge is also 1945-46 vintage - Ted Lavin

Many thanks to Briar member Ted Lavin, he proposed solutions to my problem then sent me his phone number so I could call him and discuss the solution. His assessment was spot on and the problem has been corrected.
I have been printing for 36 years but as far as solving this problem I was still wet behind the ears.
A very important part of my being able to work with Ted was having a parts manual so we both were literally on the same page.
Again, thank you Ted!

Hi Village, Wanted to hear the solution to your problem !!
Regards, Ken

Right, sorry. The throw off counter weight, part#48 plate 5, which on my press is located on the right hand side at the very bottom, was indeed loose and had travelled all the way out from the pivot/fulcrum point and provided too much resistance to the throw off lever. I moved it in and tightened it. Press now stays on impression when it is supposed to, not when not.

Here is image of counter weight, it has not been tested in a production situation so position on track may need fine tuning.

image: Kluge counter weight.jpg

Kluge counter weight.jpg