Excelsior font

Does anyone know where I can get Excelsior font, either new or used in complete sets.

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If it is the Excelsior script (as cast by the Amsterdam typefoundry) that you’re looking for, you could contact M. Hartmann in Barcelona (you’ll find his address here on the site) who offered the Excelsior until recently for sale. He ceased casting, but seems to be selling stock off the shelves. Another possibility is to put your request on the website od Drukwerk in de Marge, as there is an abundance of Excelsior in the Netherlands.

I have 2 recent lists from Mr Hartmann, but no more Excelsior Script on them …

Try http://www.rainer-gerstenberg.de/schriften.php

He lists the Face ” auf Anfrage”, which means if you need an amount of type which he can cast without having to much trouble, you have it.

Depends on which ”Excelsior” Carlton is looking for … the one on our page is C.H. Griffin’s from 1931. I have to check with Rainer, but i assume it’s not available on stock.

I uploaded a quick (bad quality) specimen photo here:


Update: if it’s Griffin’s Excelsior you are looking for, it’s unfortunately not available on stock currently and needs to be freshly casted.

Best: L