What is this?


“Peerless Manufactured by NYGREN-DAHLY CO. Chicago, USA Printers & Bookbinders Machinery.”

image: peerless.jpg


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Appears to be a very tiny image…

Nice one, glad “one” is not the only one that feels daft questions, deserve daft responses!!! but in all fairness “one” is probably not The Only One!!! that has not yet mastered the vagaries and the technicalitys of the system. One also stands accused as charged, M,lud, “One” rests one,s case???

No offense meant, none taken I hope. Just can’t leave a softball hangin’ over the plate!

Had one followed the link, one might have seen what I had to work with; hence the question, “what is this?”

Further research suggests it is for round hole perf?


(I tried to post the image, but BP said it was too big. Can’t win today…)

Thanks for the help guys.

It’s called a perforater, most machines allow to change out the set of dies and punch different patterns as long as it is a straight line.

A basic but effective tool ,not as useable as the later version sby J shaws of Honley ,UK. not much use unless you are doing limited edition postage stamps , Not as simple a job as you would think but necessary twenty years ago but long gone now with the advent of the self adhesive nasty stamps of today !
I ran one that had a drive through belt feed you fed them to a gate which would be raised at a given poimt allowing the sheet to enter and stop against another gate at the second gate a beam loaded with pins would drop onto the sheet beneath which sat a beam with a row of holes corresponding with the above pins , then just like a office paper punch it forms a hole of circular shape and a tiny punching is meant to drop out the bottom of the hole in the lower beam ,note the deliberate use of the word “meant ” , the beam would then rise driven by a cam set in a grooved drum at one side of the machine , these cams would be re set for each row of hole on the job for each individual feed pass through the machine , some machine were multi beamed and had extra gates to stop the sheet for a second or third operation .
The noise was actually bearable ,like granny knitting only a bit louder !
Best consigned to a museum , the hole block gets jammed with punchings and if its as old as it looks all the holes will be rusty if there is paper in them and a dog to clear . they are delightfully adept at bending pins when the holes block.

Based on their other listings (and the price attached) the seller does not know what they’ve got. The $1500 paper cutter was the giveaway.

I’d never seen an old perforator though. I don’t believe I need one.