Unidentified part

This was found in a box of tools alongside some printing equipment I bought.

It is about 4.5” long and is flat on the back. I have no idea what press it might have come from, or even exactly what it is or if its even from a press, but in the event that anyone recognizes it and needs one (or a spare), it’s theirs for the price of shipping.


image: unknownpart.jpg


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Looks like a rough casting for this…

image: choke chicken.jpg

choke chicken.jpg

You may be right, any prop-comics in need of a primal, cast-iron chicken for their act?

Thanks for the laugh!

By the shape, I wonder if it a very worn ink disc pawl for advancing the disc. Pretty rusty though.

Longdaypress, it isn’t as rusty as the photo makes it look (iPhone under poor lighting). Ink disc pawl was my first thought as well, but usually the ones I’ve seen have had a pivot in the middle part, and the weighted area has been on the opposite end to the part that locks into the teeth on the disc.

Table top platen press bed Counterweight?