mounting rollers

I have a 12x18 C&P, what I believe is a craftsman. It once had an auto feeder, etc. Anyway, I have new rollers for it, new trucks, new bearings, and I can’t figure out how to get them into the saddles. I saw someone mention a roller tool in this thread but the link is dead. I have no idea what that is, if it would be helpful, if it would where to find one, etc.

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A tool to facilitate the installation of rollers is made for a Kluge press. Without the tool or help from Hulk Hogan, forget it!! If you ordered rollers/cores, trucks\bearings and think you have a Craftsman, you may have a an issue as I don’t believe CP Craftsman Presses had roller bearings. Someone with a Craftsman can fill us in on that.
Also, using CP rollers/cores on a Kluge press can be hazardous to your skull, if the rollers fly out of the saddles. CP and Kluge roller dimensions are different!
Good luck and be careful.

hrm… It says Chandler & Price very clearly on the back, but I know the automatic feeder that was on it was Kluge.

I ordered rollers and trucks suggested for a 12x18 C&P, and bearings from the discussion linked above. With trucks and bearings on the rollers, the bearings fit inside the saddle, and the trucks sit on the rails. It seems like it *should* work, if I can just get the assembly in both saddles at the same time.

Will look into machining something like the kluge tool and will proceed with caution. Thanks.

If your press has 4 rollers then it is a Craftsman. If it has only 3 rollers then it is most likely a New Series C&P outfitted with a Kluge feeder.

All of the Craftsman C&Ps that I have seen do have bearings and you will need a lever to lift the saddles and get the rollers (with bearings and trucks already fitted) in place.

I have a roller saddle tool, but I’ve also used a piece of steel bar about 3/8” thick and 18” long. It’s not ideal and can be a little dangerous (doesn’t have the notch cut out for proper grip of the saddle) but it works.

Hope this helps.

This is the tool I made for my 10x15. You may have to modify it to fit the 12x18

image: RollerTool.jpg


It actually looks like it needs 6 rollers, (4 regular rollers, with 2 riders).

I found the kluge tool illustration above from searching, I’ll just adjust it per my presses measurements and have access to a plasma cutter, I’ll just have it cut from some scrap.

Thank y’all for your help.

Simple Cheap D.I.Y. device :- Length of Rod, Tube, Bar, just wider than the distance between the roller hooks, 2 small loops around the hooks, and the ends of the bar etc with nylon loops, and simple “a” frame attatched to same rod!!! plus just One Fencing wire, type, strainer, 4/5/6/ inch long,(squashed elongated “O” device with left and right hand thread) off the “a” frame anchored anywhere convenient, and with just 2 fingers and a medium sized bar/screwdriver, you will be able to pull (to your hearts content) not just 2 silly little roller hook springs, but several hundred pounds!!! Try It, for cents!!! Or if you feel the need to go upmarket, (I am sure you must have an equivelant in the States) purchase what we would call a “HALTRAC” device, This, the tiny nest of 2 pulleys with 4/5 nylon wheels, and “S” hooks at each end, and several feet of nylon cord, would not only pull you hooks out, you could consider shifting machinery around your shop floor single handed, they are rated here at more than 1,000 pull and/or lift, and even at 10/20 to one reduction will almost fit into a baked bean tin??? “”“How handy in your workshop any way”“”

Here’s a photo of the ‘Official’ Craftsman roller tool, or so I’m told. It came in a box of loose parts with my Craftsman, and I haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

image: IMG_4392.JPG