How to remove mold (?) on wood type?

I recently bougt several cases and drawers with lead and some woodtype.
Everything was stored in a as it seems rather dry and dustfree cellar.
Allmost all lead is in good condition, but several of the wood types seems to have some kind of mould on it.
It is a dry yellow-greenish powder which can easily be brushed off.
(I was wearing a dust mask while doing it, security first)
Despite the mould everything else on the types seems fine, the letters are still heavy and not dried out ot warped.
So I´d like to ask hot to best remove the mould (or whatever it is) Just brush it of, or clean the type with white spirit or kerosene?
Here are some pictures, the white stuff seems to be wallpaint which can be easily removed.

image: SNV86753.JPG


image: SNV86754.JPG


image: SNV86755.JPG


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Just a quick one before the B. P. P. C. heavy mob get me!!. dry rot spores, solvent residue/old ink residue, straight (as you imply) household paint oil/water based etc. Therefore bearing in mind, what they would have been impregnated with or subjected to in use, suggestion would be, cleaned with care and any traditional substance, white spirit, terpentine substitute, etc, but No harmful modern cleaner/solvent, respect for genuine “Tree Wood” And perhaps little help from Linseed Oil, Teak oil or similar? HOW Do you Clean, Protect, Enhance, your old, treasured, wooden household artefacts, in U.S.A. >??<

I live in the humid midwest and all of my wood type resides in my basement shop. I do TRY to keep it as dry as possible down there in the summer by running several de-humidifiers. Still, every so often I will discover a little fuzzy mold attempting to grow in some of the wood type.

My solution is to simply pull out the case and spray it with Lysol disinfectent spray ( in aerosol (SP?) can) and wipe it off right away. I’ve been doing this for a few decades and it has never seemed to harm the wood type at all. I usually by a two-pack of the cans and they will last me for years.


Often the dust that accumulates around type is the beginning of the damp retention this then allows airborn nastys to take root as it were . brush the dust away and a lot of the growth will go ,you could spray the lot with anti skin ink retarder its a very thin oil that after a few passes of the rollers soon allows ok ink acceptance . referred to as antioxidant .