P T Richard founders type/S&B ‘Rd’ Pin mark


I have just got a really nice founders art deco style style border set and it is stamped P.T Richard

Can anyone give me any information about P T Richard - I can’t seem to find anything via the internet

Also I have some old Stephenson Blake type that has a second pin mark with ‘Rd’ and then a serial number, and some type with just ‘Rd’ which I presume is just S&B type

Can anyone give me any information to what the ‘Rd’ means

Many Thanks for your help in advance

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‘Rd’ means a Registered Design - if I recall correctly, with the same organisation that registered Trade Marks.

I would not automatically assume that ‘Rd’ in isolation definately indicates SB&Co type as it is possible that other type foundries also registered designs. However, if the pinmark carrying the inscription ‘Rd’ appears to be identical in style and position to those used by SB&Co then there must be a strong chance that it is indeed SB&Co type.

I can’t ever recall having seen ‘Rd’ on any pinmarks.

Hopefully someone with expertise in SB&Co type will be able to contribute to this thread.

Thank you for your reply - That makes perfect sense