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i am reasearching the price of replacement rubber rollers for a #3 and #5 Golding pearl letterpress as well as ink to use, i have no clue about where to look as i have started reasearching only a few hours ago and search engines are turning up short. can anybody help me?

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See Briar Press yellow pages.
Can’t go wrong with Ramco Rollers.
Do you live in or near a medium to large village? If so, go to the printer’s paper supply store. They have ink also. You get your choice of rubber base or oil base.

You got a website for the “printer’s paper supply store”? Is this a specific “thing”? Or do you mean the general paper supply for printers that might be located near a town?

The general paper supply store.
The place the commercial offset printers buy their paper.


You may want to join our Pearl restoration forum. We have over 100 members with Golding Pearls and provide support and advice for all sorts of issues. It requires an invitation so if you are interested. I will need your email address to send one.


I second Inky’s recommendation of Ramco Rollers. While there are other rubber roller suppliers (and of course Tarheel Rollers for genuine composition rollers), Ramco is, I think, more supportive of the letterpress community and particularly the International Printing Museum than any other rubber roller maker I’m aware of.

I also heartily recommend joining the PearlRestore group as noted by John; great group of people, loads of info.

And in a bit of shameless self-promotion, I have to say that Ink in Tubes is probably your best bet for the small quantities of ink you’re likely to be using. I have a wide variety of ink (well over 100 colors) available in “quarter pound” tubes (actually around 5 oz.), most for under $10/tube; e-mail me at “Ink(at)” for a list.

Thanks! Dave (the Ink in Tubes guy)

I’d have to agree that Ramco is a great way to go. I’ve never tried Tarheel but I’ve heard good things.

I would also suggest Ink in Tubes from Dave, especially if you are a hobby printer like myself. The tubes eliminates skin on that will develop in a can (although there are other ways to reduce that) and are a bit easier to handle. Also every time I’ve order from Dave he’s had a quick turn around time on getting the items shipped.

thanks so much everybody, great help. for the pearl restoration project i will have to decline because i am simply reasearching for my boss at our mueseum. i myself would love to help but wouldnt have time or revenue to commit. thanks but no thanks.