Restored Old Style 10 x 15 C&P in Asia

We are letting go of a refurbished, fully functioning beautiful C&P 10x15 that we acquired. 3 new rollers have been added. Press comes with chase, inking plate, original working motor and a custom belt for running with the motor. Solid and hardly used Boxcar base bought last year of 10x12 is included with the press so you can print polymer aside from lead and wooden type/make ready. The only parts that are ‘lack luster’ are the original wooden drawer and movable working table attached to the press, which is still in good condition and we have left it to it’s charm =)

Interested buyers from the US can roughly expect the cost of the press + shipping to be around 3400-3600 USD. Australian buyers will need to check on that. The wonderful press alone without shipping is letting go at 1300 USD.

Press is attached to a crate base and is ready for shipping to any location. Buyer can either find their own shipper or we can arrange shipment. Sincere buyers only as we are not letting her go unless it’s to a good home! She’s to help fund and make way for a vandy.

Thank you and happy days everyone!
(Skype faninini9)

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