No. 1 Taper pins

Hello everyone.
I’ve been looking and calling all over my city here in Mex, and cannot for the life of me find someone who sells No. 1 taper pins, the smallest they got is No. 2.
I need to reinstall them on my Vandercook No. 4 rider rollers assembly.
Can anyone tell me where in the U.S. can I buy two No. 1 taper pins?

Thanks a lot.

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WW Granger has them.

McMaster Carr and MSCDirect should have them also.
Just about any machine tool supplier should list them in their catalog.


Thanks Marshall… Any source that can sell me less than 10? I only need two.

Thanks a lot Marshall, I swear I also googled for the US, but only found packs of 10 or 25 minimum.

Enriquevw, Sir, re your Taper Pins, usually advice seems to be *think outside the box blah blah blah* but possibly ,in this case *think inside the box* I. E. just around the corner from yourself, hypothetically, and unless you are very unlucky the answer may be on hand! Thus:- most any Engineer, even a model steam enthusiast, with even a smaller lathe equipped with TAPER TURNING ATTATCHMENT, and most have, could turn taper pins to any size or rake to suit, at the rate of maximum, 5 minutes (probably half that) per pin? Length of stock, here usually 12 inches, mounted in 3 jaw chuck, taper turned to a known standard taper, parted of in 3 minutes flat. Stock drawn out of the chuck, required length plus about 6 point for parting off. Possibly half a dozen (6) in less than 10 minutes….Hopefully on the doorstep, “Yours,” and print up a few business cards in exchange. Or have 12 turned use 2 and then think, in the land, without ANY, the possessor of 10 is KING…..Enriquevw, please I insist, NO commission but thank you for the thought. Mick

You really made me chuckle, Mick, you are 100% right.
And that in the end was so wise.
I will take a different route. I will bore a hole throughout and install a roll pin instead.

This is baffling logic. A pack of 10 taper pins purchased in bulk will cost little more than a single pin elsewhere. And that is too expensive, so now you will alter the press for a diffferent fatsener? You think you can drill a straight hole in line with the original taper hole with what, a hand drill? Buy a lottery ticket at the same time, you might have better luck.
Or, if you really want to be creative, take a rod and that hand drill and a file and fashion that rod into the taper pin you need.

No, that is being done by a machinist at a machine shop.
He’s also making me a new screw that is broken, a stop for the paper guide and grinding the two rider rollers and oscillator.
But you are right also, I might order the taper pins. I haven’t told him to start yet with the new hole.

Enriquevw, well done buddy but I am not surprised that the Country that sent Antonio Lopez* de Santa Anna to mix it with *the good ole boys* at the Alamo, is awash with engineering factories.. Ex Cannon factories perhaps? . And you have been warned, be careful, great, great, great Grandfather was a Personal friend and Colleague of Jim Bowie!!!…So there is still a little matter to be settled…….Also sorry about the negative vibes, as we say here “needs must when the devil drives” and if The devil is the one that wants a kings ransom, to ship a 2 dollar item across an international frontier, you case is perfectly understandable. ***sorry no acute O on the computor, on the Monotype Yes every accent that was ever cut*** Regards, Mick.

The point I was trying to make is that altering the machine should be the last resort, especially for the sake of what is in fact a very cheap fastener. Having made taper pins myself with a file and a rod and a drillpress, I know it isn’t difficult. But once you’ve taken material off a mchine, replacement is not cheap or easy.
This perspective comes from this: the last taper pin I made was because of some idiot trying to remove a handle from a Vandercook. They drove a large taper pin the wrong way, enlarged all the channels, then tried to drill the pin out, but missed the hole. So I had to make an oversize taper pin, after driving out the boogered pin. Making the pin was the easiest part of the whole operation.
Anything the least bit confusing in that? Or negative?

Nope not at all, Parallel_imp. I actually ordered the pins, so now I have 8 extra if anyone needs one. I just have to wait like a month for them to arrive here.
But yeah, your logic is right and altering the machine should be my last resort. Thanks for your advice! I’m more happy with this decision in the end. Plus, like Mick said, I will be king of no.1 taper pins in Mexico. :)

Heavy lies the crown, Enrique!

hahaha :)