Movable Wooden Bond Skids

I have a bunch of these old Bond skids I was wondering if there is a market for these skids and about how much to sell them for. I have 2 sizes 14 of them and one Jack No 5 that i was able to pull up the patent on this link

I also have a Yale jack and skids that I am trying to find pricing for that also.

image: BONDSKID1.jpg


image: BONDSKID2.jpg


image: BONDSKID3.jpg


image: bondskid4.jpg


image: Yale1.jpg


image: yale2.jpg


image: yale3.jpg


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The “value” in your 14 skids lies entirely in the one jack that you have. Without the jack, they are pretty much useless unless you have a forklift or pallet jack that could get under them and move them around. If you already have the forklift or pallet jack, then ordinary common skids would suffice.

There is a bit of charm to them, and they appear to be undersized as compared to a common pallet. Perhaps they would be handy in areas with narrow passageways.


People are paying lots of money for the likes of these for use as furniture (coffee tables, etc.). Restoration Hardware has “new” ones at exorbitant prices. I’ve seen ‘em at flea markets for $300-$500.

J. M. Sir, Apologies, my post of no help to your quest, but some beautiful recollections from your apparatus post? between 54-60 they were in use where I completed my apprenticeship, only the single lift one with 2 skids and 2 rear wheels!!! 2 uses, first—the remelting pot/furnace at 1/2 an imperial ton was located in the basement, (3 monotypes, 2 linotypes) so the skids and one bogie transported vast amounts of ingots from the basement to the 3rd floor, casting/composing room… . Second use, The firm ran 2 very big Meihle,s of American origin (I believe) and many skids were in use, wheeling in columns of stock (Art Paper), for the Meihle,s, they occasionally ran around the clock…With steel wheels on the factory floor 1/2 Ton loads and more were the norm… . The fore runner of hydraulic pump trucks and Formula One quick Lift jacks, POSSIBLY? . . AND you will NEVER guess what mode of transport was used when the Apprentices got “Banged Out” … B******S Bad Bad loss of Face in front of the Girls in the finishing and then Mum wasnt too impressed with the state of what little clothing, one dared to take home!!! I am not up to speed as to whether *Banging Out* was The practice in The States… . For the benefit of the new recruits, perhaps one of your older contributors could post a little input. Part of our heritage here at least, sadly long gone? Mick