‘Derby’ platen press by Slack & Parr

Hello all.

I have a press made by Slack and Parr, Kegworth in the UK.

I’d love to know if anyone else has one or any publicity material, manuals etc. which they could forward or post to the group.

Many thanks in advance.


image: 'Derby' platen press by Slack & Parr

'Derby' platen press by Slack & Parr

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It looks very much like a Jardine re-badge, the feet are the clue. It was common for presses to be sold under an agents name.

Slack & Parr are still in Kegworth

My Dad had a Derby in the now defunct Printing House Museum. It was made by this company for a short time. I had (have) an advert for it somewhere dated around 1910. Not sure where it is rather unhelpfully but it was not an agents name.
The press sits rather low down, certainly lower than the Jardines 2 and 3 we had too.

This is a Jardine platen which is identical to yours. Jardine platens have distinctive feet not found on any other make.

image: e-Jardine2012JAN.JPG


photo of the press that eventually found its way to me………

Many thanks, it’s great to know that it’s not the only one out there.

If you come across that advert please post it!