Another City Type Foundry London Oddball

Can anyone help with this one? It’s around 26pt. The O (omega style) seems very distinctive but I’ve had no luck. It’s likely late Victorian.


image: IMG_0522.jpg


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I think what you have would be called a variant of Medieval, and the “O” is actually an “M”. I believe Fred Goudy designed one that’s a bit different from your example.


image: Medieval.jpg


Goudy Medieval is entirely different than either of the faces shown. Unfortunately the only British type catalogue I have is a Stephenson Blake Lining Types catalogue, but I’m sure it will be identified shortly by one of those who has better resources.


Im away at present, my catalogues not to hand. It may be missal. I have it also…give me a few days and I will confirm.

Very close, Jeremy, but the little balls are quite distinctive.
Full font attached. Adlibpress was right about the M.

Not Missal or Medieval, but it has some similarities to Caxton Intitials which is parenthetically called Abbeydale in the Dan Solo type books sold by Dover Books. I would be curious to know if Abbeydale exists in British type catalogues, and if it does what it might look like. The British typeface Abbey is a copy of Will Bradley’s Bradley types, so that doesn’t apply. Bradley also designed the Missal Initials.

The face you show is classified as a Lombardic style lettering, a close kin to Goudy’s Lombardic Initials, but not the same, and it probably predates Goudy’s types.


This one is called ┬╗Lombardic Initials Series 39┬ź (Cincinnati Type Foundry).

Spot on Lars. Now what do I do with it?

image: SpecimenBookCincinnatiTypeFoundry-1882-LombardicInitialsSeries39.png


Print something ?