Teadle platen: what is the name of this component?

I’m helping prepare a list of machines and equipment for disposal.

One component on a post-1920 Arab is broken and I need to be able to name it. It is the upper left large hook-shaped arm above and rear-wards of the ink disc on this illustration (numbered ‘11’) http://readingtype.org.uk/wwp/arab-instructions.html

Similar components exist on many presses so specific knowledge of Arab components names is not necessary.

Many thanks!

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Part 42 of the Arab parts list: Ink duct lever.

Send me an e-mail and I’ll send you the PDf of the complete press and its parts list.

That’s really useful - many thanks!

Knowing the proper name enabled me to locate this page http://britishletterpress.co.uk/assets/arabparts.pdf

Curiously, previous online searches for ‘arab parts’ and a scroll through the britishletterpress site had not revealed this page.