how do I clean an 1800’s press?

I just purchased an old letter press this summer and am ready to clean it up to bring it in the house. The press is in working order, but there is dirt and dust in the grease and it has some residue from a fire ext. due to a small fire in the bldg. the press was stored. Can anyone tell me the best way to clean and re-grease the press without hurting it? I really do not want to take it apart. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Amy
Here is the link for u tube video (hope it works)

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I tried to attach pics but it didn’t seem to work. I can try again later, or I do know how to put a video on utube from my phone if that would help? Amy

I’ve been told that crisco (white vegetable shortening) and a soft dry cloth works well. Seems to for me—but my press is pretty clean. Thoughts from others on this practice?

Vegetable shortening will get rank, and you don’t want a press that smells like garbage.