Paul Lynn Ph.D., professor 

Hochkraeusen Presswerks Fossil Ledges Education Center

Hochkraeusen Presswerks: Family owned press and repair service in Braceville Township, Ohio, since 1982. Presses are housed at the non-profit Fossil Ledges Center. Bookbinding, book conservation, Bible restoration, Embossing, Foil, Custom Artwork. We also do large and small press repair/ restoration by retired Ph.D. Quaker printer/educator. Services include: welding, brazing, chase repair, bearings, treadles, motors, belts, painting, detailing, gold, silver and bronze leaf, history documentation, provenance research. Reasonable rates and friendly service for individuals, businesses and nonprofits. Contact: Dr. Paul Lynn, 330-608-6941

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I need a welding repair done on a critical part of a 14 x 22 colts armory which was damaged while being moved. In your wheelhouse? I also have two kluges and a craftsman open press i’d like to find a home for. Steve Barry