Finding Colored Paper

I am new to letterpress, but do know that in order to get a good impression on a print, I need a heavier paper stock. I’m currently looking to print on bright blue paper (similar to French Paper’s Blue Light Glo Tone or Boise Fireworx’s Aerial Aqua), but the thickest stock I can find is 65# cover. What I really need is printmaking paper.

Does anyone have experience buying colored printmaking paper, and have any suggestions on where to look? Thank you!

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Thanks for the suggestions!

Blick doesn’t seem to offer a bright blue printmaking paper, I poked around all I could.

Pop-Tone would be perfect and the Blu Raspberry comes close, but it’s too green.

Are there any other suggestions, or am I out of luck?

Try Legion Paper in NYC and

Here are a couple of their offerings in color

Check out Colorplan paper and Cranes Colors paper

Hey Widmark, you mean Crane’s Palette?

I have a bunch of sample packs from Paper-Papers ( They have good shopping tools, like “Shop by Color” and “Shop by Weight.” Here what I have; most of them include some kind of blue.


I think Cranes Colors/Crane’s Color Palette are the same thing? Just used interchangeably?


Thanks everyone for chiming in. I see a lot of promising options and am requesting samples. You all rock!

Arturo makes a very nice light blue and it’s a fantastic weight for letterpress printing. It does have deckled edges, unless you’re planning on trimming it down, but I really like the paper: