Eric Schmidt

Professional moving and installation of printmaking presses, litho stones, type, related equipment. Routine and preventive maintenance, fabrication, and reconditioning. Based in New York, operating coast to coast.
I’m also a printmaker and painter, so I speak your language!

Speed, Quality, Price- Pick Any Two

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Eric had the best bid, best customer service and he completed the job in a record time! My press was handled gently and professionally. I was very impressed, and as a 25-year veteran of printmaking education and industry, I have worked with quite a few movers. I highly recommend him!
Tanja Softic
Professor of Printmaking
University of Richmond

Eric did a great job moving my Takach litho press from a University campus in New York City to my printmaking workshop in Rutland, MA. His pricing was good and he was friendly, flexible and willing to work within my time frame. Eric is extremely efficient and disassembled/reassembled my press with the utmost care and proficiency. I highly recommend Eric.

Corinne Rhodes
Cherry Press