Magnetic base stuch to press

I am such a moron! I closed my press with the magnetic base still in place and it is now practically welded to my press. Can anyone give me suggestions on how get them apart? I have no idea what I am going to do. I have tried to get something under an edge but no luck and I can’t even hammer it slightly out of position. I am a total twit!

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Is the base stuck to the platen? If so, you may be able to slide it to the edge of the platen where you could get a better grip on it to wrest it from the iron surface.

OK. I’m free. Just in case someone else manages this move it can be budged with a hammer and wedge and a lot of patience. Having some weight behind it helps. My husband was way more effective than me and didn’t ask for a divorce. I still feel like a wally though.

Jhenry. Thanks for the reply. It was stuck to the platen. We managed to edge most of it off but boy that magnetic field was strong. It almost all had to be separated before I could yank it off. That was a lesson!

What also can help is to put another magnet onto the one which is stuck.
It will weaken the magnetic field of the magnet and it is then way more easier to pull it apart.

Gummistliefel, that is very interesting. I would be dying to try that out but I don’t want a repeat of what I just went through!! I think I’ll have fun and experiment with some of my kids magnets. Thank you.

Am I right in saying your press has a steel platen? What ist it

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