Chandler & Price Impression lever

Has anyone ever had any problems with the impression throw off lever of the C & P 8x12? Not so much the lever itself, but the “throw-off pin circle” and “slotted piece for throw-off”

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I don’t know if I am having any trouble with mine, but I do know that its movement/motion is rather stiff compared other’s C&P 8x12 presses that I have run prints with. I have oiled and greased everything that moves in conjunction with the throw off lever, but it is always the same stiffness. Much less resistance when I pull or throw as the press is closing, compared to when it is opening or at a standstill. This is the only C&P I have ever owned (1898 old style) so any new information would be appreciated!


Check to see if your press is level. I have a C&P old style from 1989 too. My throw off seized mid motion. I couldn’t get it to budge without exerting force that might break the lever. I read somewhere on these forums that if your press isn’t level, it may cause the throw off to seize. I made some leveling adjustments and it seemed to do the trick.

Has the press been taken apart recently? The throw-off saddle and the back shaft can both be put back in the wrong orientation. One of the few places possible on this press. This may result in a misalignment of the throwoff linkages and the stiffness noted.

Both the throw off lever where it connects to the shaft at the bottom on the flywheel side and the connection in the back have a pin that inserts. I have one that is broken and slips out every once in a while. This will cause a slippage and mis- alignment. That may be what you are experiencing.

Thanks Arie Koelewyn, I had to disassemble the press,
an then reassemble it to move it to its current location. I will look into that possability! Thank You for the tip!