Unidentified press

Hi, this is currently for sale on our local version of eBay, it is obviously missing a few bits and looks to me an unusual configuration, any ideas? Thanks

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The Ideal press was manufactured by the Sigwalt Company of Chicago. John Sigwalt (see his Chicago No.10) manufactured a number of presses that were near-copies of some of the popular presses of his time. His presses were made from the early 1900s until around 1962. This press resembles Golding’s Official No.4 except that the base is square. In addition, these two presses are distinguished from each other by their roller springs: those of the Golding are coiled outside the roller arm (see enlarged photo of the Official), while the Sigwalt presses are coiled around the arm of the roller hook in a more conventional manner. The Ideal was made in the following sizes:

These are excellent small presses for the amateur printer or for small jobs in a commercial shop. This one will need some work to make it serviceable again — the platen is installed upside-down, with the chase sitting on top of it, and the roller hook springs on the left side are missing, as are both springs and roller hooks on the right side. You would also need new rollers and roller trucks, or runners as they are called in UK. Cleaning up the rust and installing things correctly should not be very difficult and the result is a very satisfying small printing press. I have printed many jobs on a similar Sigwalt over the past 40 years.


Bob and 2001fred…many thanks, makes it all much clearer