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I have to decide today on whether I buy this used polymer washout unit and wanted some advice from those of you familiar with the machine. In the image below you can see inside the machine and I notice on the lid of the machine there seems to be a blue plastic part held in position by two metal strips. Am I correct in thinking this is a plastic base which will hold a plastic backed polymer into position during washout? I have a lot of plastic backed polymer and do not wish to buy metal backed and besides I do not have a metallic base in my press.

other questions: 1. are these brushes likely to be a problem? I can’t tell if they are in OK or bad condition but I now know where I can buy replacements at least. 2. Can I plug this right into a normal socket or does it have to be like the heavy duty socket used for cookers? 3. After washout, can I empty the machine into a bucket through the tubes at the back (my studio has one small sink also used for making my tea)

Thanks for your feedback

image: POLIMERO.A4_01.jpg


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The blue-green plastic is most likely the “sticky” smooth surface which does hold plastic-back plates in position during washout.

The brushes may be fine. Fill the tank with warm water, and let it stand overnight, then gently massage the brush. Many times excess polymer can stick to the bristles and clump them together. It the unit has stood open for a long time under fluorescent illumination, the brush may be permanently stuck. Maybe there are some ways to rejuvenate the brush, but certainly replacement is nowhere near the price of a new machine.

Many of the machines were wired for 220 single phase, check on the label to see what is required as to voltage and amperage. If you are able to plug it in, check to see if all the lamps operate and the motor functions as it should.

I purchased a used machine and have used it for fifteen years now with only normal maintenance (lamp replacement, etc.).
John Henry

P.S. I do not have my machine permanently attached to water. I fill the machine using buckets, and drain it through a garden hose to a floor drain, but there is no reason buckets could not be used for that as well.

John Henry

Hello John, thanks a lot for that information, you have helped me make my decision. I have since been able to check the voltage and it is the standard voltage and will work fine from a standard socket too so all good.

thanks again

Hello Nickelyacht, if I’m not mistaken, the Polimero machines were being taken over by http://www.jeteurope.nl/page/1/home.html

I do the same thing, fill it up with a bucket, drain it in a bucket, works perfectly well for me.

brushes look knackered to me-change ‘em, whilst you can still buy spares and maybe get a spare set. Polimeros are old machines and spares could become very scarce, and get new lights too.

I have this same unit, are you just purchasing the washout section or the exposure and drier unit as well? It’s two separate pieces. My brushes were in pretty rough shape and had a lot of old polymer dried on them, but a few runs with warm water and they are fine now. Boxcar press will order custom brushes for you and they are familiar with these units. I reall like mind, but the timers on these aren’t very realizable, I’d use your phone or stopwatch or something. Looks like you’ll have to but a new sheet of kreene from Boxcar as well, that’s the green stuff that holds the plates in place. If you buy it and have questions feel free to shoot me an email if you have questions.

thanks folks. The brushes came out fine with some vinegar and warm water. Now I am experiencing another problem. The plate is not sticking to the rubber blanket on the lid of the Washout unit. every time i open the washout the partially washed out plate is lying somewhere under the water.

Any ideas?

Yeah, boxcar sells that sticky blue material; give them a call after you measure yours and price it out.

Hi Everyone, I have the same unit and I also drain mine into a bucket of water. I heard from another printer that it’s not good to leave the brushes out of water, but seems like leaving them submerged between long periods of not using would be not wise either?

Just wondering if you’ve had a problem at all leaving the washout part open, and empty of water in between uses, or if maybe you cover it somehow another way?

Mine is hidden from the light by a canvas sheet, but left open.