Unknown brand of press

Can anyone identify the maker of this sign press? It has one small tag on the side that says “Made In Germany”. Other than that, there is no brand identification. It came from a printmaker who bought it new in the 1960s or early 70s.

Also: Would you know anything about an approximate value?

Thank you for any help you can offer!


image: SignPress.jpg


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Thought is was an Atlantic Proof Press, it is not.
Correct time period, minor differences.

My apologies

T & T Press Restoration

I´m from Germany and I have a similar press, what is the printing bed size?
Are the inking rollers complete?
Is there any other equippment coming with this press?
Mine have a paperfeeding table which is mounted on the front of the press.

I think its a good press for beginners, to learn printing, also good for printing wood- and linocuts.
The paper feedingtable would be an important additional item for printing larger editions or prints with multiple colours.
I´m not in my studio right now, but I can look up who produced it, mine has a name plate.

Do you have the base with it? See attached photos. Sevral of these presses can be found here in the Netherlands, they were sold through Typefoundry Amsterdam, who put their name on it, but they were manufactured in Germany.

image: proofrpess_2.JPG


image: proofpress.JPG



The size of the bed is 35 x 27+ inches. The form rollers have just been recovered with new rubber. I do have the paper feed table, it’s just not shown in the photograph.

Thank you very much for your help with this!



I don’t have the base for the press. Your photos are helpful, and thank you for this information.


my press was produced by Heinz Pohle
Graphische Maschinen und Geräte Köln (Cologne)
My modell is smaller, 16,5 x 30 inch, but I saw a press similar to yours beeing sold some months ago at Ebay, it was located in Hamburg.