Chandler & Price 6.5” x 10” Tabletop Pilot Press Old Style

I am moving out of the country and would hate to see my press sit around a collect dust, so lucky for you I am selling it! I have a Chandler & Price 6.5” x 10” tabletop pilot press. It is fully operational, though could probably use a re-leveling (I have a Falstrom roller/platen gauge). I purchased the press in July 2012 and subsequently bought new rollers and a 6 x 9 boxcar deep relief photopolymer base.

This press is available for PICK-UP ONLY - Cincinnati, OH.

Cost: $2495 / OBO

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional photos/information. Call/text Caitlin at 513-919-3940
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The following items are included in the price:

• C&P 6.5” x 10” press (old style)

• 2 brand new rollers

• 1 Boxcar 6” x 9” deep relief photopolymer base

• Stack of tympan paper

• A whole stack of Lettra (including 125 sheets of Crane Lettra 8.5” x 11” - 110lb)

• 1 Chase

• 2 Challenge Hi-Speed Quoins (6” and 7.5”)

• 1 quoin key

• Gauge pins

• Miscellaneous furniture and leading (enough to hold the Boxcar base)

• 1 can of Van Son Holland black ink

• Falstrom roller/platen gauge

• Feed table (not currently attached)

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