Dodson Press Question……..

In need of two single roller sadddles with stud and rod, and two salldle springs. Purchased a set of saddle rods and springs for a 10x15 C&P in hopes that they would fit but no such luck. The Dodson saddle rods have a groove machined in the side of the rod that fits into a pin inside the roller frame. The C&P saddle rod has no such groove. Would it be possible to shear off the pin inside of the roller frame so that the C&P rods could be used? The C&P rods are the same diameter…..

image: 1932361_10204211331536854_3154290292767421_n.jpg


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Could you have a machinist cut a groove into the side of the C&P saddle rods that you’ve already acquired?


I think Brad has the best answer……have a machinist cut a groove in each of the C&P saddle rods. Actually the machinist will probably call the groove a keyway. Although not a Dodson, I operate a press with grooves in the saddle rods. As I remember, the grooves are not in the same place on each of the rods. The groove (keyway) is on one side of the rod with the hook down on one rod, and on the other side of the rod with the hook down on the other rod. This is because the pins are on opposite sides of the holes the rods go into. So, if this is the case with your press, be sure the machinist knows this and doesn’t cut the groove on the same side of both rods.

I recommend cutting the keyways instead of shearing off the pins because the pins have a purpose…..they keep the rods from rotating. On some presses without the pins and grooves, I think that if you don’t put a roller in a set of rods, they could rotate part way around, and the hooks might then hit the rails and be broken off.

The press I operate with the grooved rods is at a historical village where I volunteer. I actually own another similar press which has a lower rod with the hook broken off. I don’t know how it happened but it may have been because the pin came out and the hook rotated.