Help me choose which machine to buy!

Hello, I run a luxury stationery company locally. I am looking to get into letterpress and foil stamping. There are currently three machines available locally to purchase, a V50 Miehle as well as a Heidelberg Red Ball and a Black Ball.

It is to my understanding that some letterpress machines have the option to add a foil stamping attachment while others don’t.

1. Do any of these have that option?

2. Is One of these easier to use then the other?

3. Will they print out quality work?

4. Are these both automatic feed as well as automatic ink?

5. What should I ask/look over before I buy a machine? It’s a big refurbishing company selling it.

6. He is asking $1000 for each Windmill. From my research this is a good price, do you agree?

Thanks for your advice

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Heidelberg is the press if you want to add foil. red ball is usually newer but you need to check the serial numbers. 1000 is cheap for a Heidelberg if it is a good press. The verticle will take longer to learn and more skill to repair/adjust.
btw the V50 is a great press but not for a new operator
If a press can kiss cut the bearings are in good shape.
no more time today someone else can give advice now.

Great Advice!!!!

“If a press can kiss cut the bearings are in good shape.” What doest that mean exactly?

What is the foil attachment called and how can I go about hunting one down?

it’s called a foil attachment…

what is going on here?

i would leave this operation to people “in the know” until you are proficient at running one of these presses. they can be VERY dangerous to your philangees.

Like Mike said…..Heidelberg!

Red ball is good also if it has the lockouts for the rollers.

The foil unit that draws from the top is nice in that you do not need to remove the arms of the press however they do not seem to be sold locally in the US. B&H seems like a nice unit if you don’t mind getting it from the UK.

Like ericm said…..there is a lot to learn with these machines.

Good Luck!

A Heidelberg is NOT a good press for someone new to letterpress. Consider buying one only if you have access to a knowledgeable printer who can train you in on it, and you have considerable amount of time to spend learning how to run and maintain it.

I watched an experienced printer in Duluth run one, and was impressed by what it could do, and it is a fast machine for production work. But I could see that it needed constant tweaking.

It was complicated enough I didn’t even consider asking to learn how to run one. Lots of specialized parts, lots that can go wrong. The asking price is good if it is in good working order, but it is important to 1) be sure that it is working, and 2) you can realistically be trained in on it, and how to use and maintain it—and have someone available to fix it when something goes wrong.

I’d think you would do better to research which presses others are using for the type of work you want to do, and consider traveling to buy the right press for you. You may end up paying more initially, but long term, you may be happier with an easier press to run.

I don’t know anything about the Miehle; others could likely comment on it.

Natasha,,,, i don’t intend to insult you at all,,,, but,,, your questions do strike a tone of naivetivity to our bizz… foil stamping and letterpress printing are very primitive compared to today’s processes. these things happen with pressure and /or heat… a lot of it. please understand…

naivetivity… did i invent a word?