I have a new style C&P Pilot 6.5 x10. I’ve always just dotted the ink plate with ink and then used the lever/rollers to spread the ink on the plate… I usually have to work the lever up/down several dozen times before the ink plate is covered evenly with ink. Lately I’ve been thinking it might be a better idea to use a brayer—figure it’ll put less stress on the press and I won’t have to pump the handle up and down so many times—just enough to coat the rollers… Does anyone else do this? What are the benefits of spreading the ink with brayer vs handle/rollers? Thanks!

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I always start ink up with a brayer . If it is cold keep rolling it for a little bit it will print better after it is worked for a wile. I do the first couple prints inking type with brayer to see if there is any problems before inking up.

Using a brayer for inking a press has the advantage of better overall control of your ink application. Several very early treadle presses came with an ink plate just for that purpose.

Use a brayer every time, when you first ink the press and for every top-up

What is a top-up?