Intertype magazines

My fiend has Intertype magazines (some with Lucite fronts), many like new for sale. Contact Chuck: 763-245-8361.

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How we did it D.I.Y. style a long time ago.
27 Lino,s on the Newspaper side of the Company.!!
Not just a large amount of border slides, but several duplicates of mats with the cut of, centered, flourish,s between items.?

The method, … apprentices (when trusted to use the precision Power Saws usually Funditor) just made racks as when needed, i.e. imagine/picture mouth organ, or harmonica, stood upright, looking straight down the reed holes.

Plywood shelves, about 12 ems wide, 35 ems deep, (just LESS than the length of a border slide)? Spacers made from Ludlow or Lino blanks stripped down lengthways on the Funditor. as height spacers, layer by layer, pinned with 2 plate mounting tacks or D.S.A. (double sided adhesive)
Usually vertical column,s 25 slides high,?? just added another column as when etc.

Even got clever, eventually used 3 ply, for the shelves, with the grain running back to front, and lubed up with a little graphite. Never established if Linotype/Intertype produced a purpose built rack. Good Luck.

OR, keep them in a rag in a box, they all have serial numbers and sizes!

I have a small cabinet for slides plus they did make a felt thing for storing and protecting slides as in this picture:

and I keep that in a full size type case without boxes. These can get damaged if just thrown in a box or left lying around.

I use 3x5 coin envelopes to store individual and duplicate slides. There is plenty of room on the envelope for ID number and a sample of the slide design and whether it is Linotype or Intertype, as the numbers vary. Then the envelopes go back into coin envelope boxes, organized by general type (straight line, multiple line, wavy line, decorative, dash, Caravan, etc.) and then by numerical order within category.
Some of the people I got slides from liked to use sawcuts in wood slabs, or in strip material to hold slides, some just lay them on galleys;it depends how many you have. I’ve got over 400 slides including dupes, and the envelopes work for me with room to expand.
I also copied some pages from the catalogs and marked which slides I have, which helps make sense of it all. And there’s a database too.