Identification help please

can anyone identify this or give me some information on a similar press… It was found in an old barn in Ohio USA
Apologies for the photo quality
Thank You !

image: letter press (500x333).jpg

letter press (500x333).jpg

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Billy, The press in question is a Line-O-Scribe showcard writer. They were made in Adrian Michigan. Not to be confused with the Morgan Co. Line-o-scribe from Chicago. One of the features is a tympan like device you can see being lowered in the video after the paper is placed on the block. I hope this helps. Howard

Thank you Howard !
What a great introduction to this site !!!
Any clue as to the quality of that printer?
If they are available (rarity)?
Or a good alternative “personal printer “
that hopefully won’t break the bank…
Again, many thanks !!!

Billy, The first thing I would suggest is in the search square on the home page enter Line-O-Scribe as the search topic. If you read the posts you’ll get a better idea of the availability of the Showcard Writer. They were not as popular or as abundant as the Morgan Machines. The Showcard Writer can be quite good for printing small items, but not if you are looking for deep impression. I hope you find the answers you are looking for. Howard